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Human consciousness remains a mysterious phenomenon to all of those who study it.  After hundreds of experiments and years of research, we have applied the field of remote viewing to explore its contributions to truth, insight, and ultimately, freedom.  From once starting as a hobby, which led to obsession, we are now inviting you on this journey of exploration of the unbeaten path.  Join us, support us, and let us band together to pierce the veil of censorship and misinformation to reveal the secrets and mysteries the universe that beg to be discovered.

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Included in your membership is access to our community discord. You will have VIP access to our developing community. You may comment, chat, share, make friends, and overall have fun! You will have access to Liz, Craig, and our other members as well to ask questions, suggest topics, vote for topics, as well as share similar content with us and other members related to Deep Mind Probes.


While we are not financial advisors nor do we provide trading advise, we do have a fantastic source of trading signals (Forex and Crypto) that will be revealed to all subscribers. The signals are provided via Telegram. After we have paid and gone through many paid signals, trading bots, and similar memberships, we find this to be the best. These signals are not provided by us, but rather they are *human* day traders!

Cryptocurrency Trading Signals

Have our source of telegram alert trading signals for cryptocurrency by real *human* day traders - not bots!.

Forex Trading Signals

When the Crypto market is down, Forex signals are still available and also come via Telegram alerts.

It's all included!

In order to provide supreme value to our members, we are constantly adding new features to benefit our community.  You can expect an ever growing books, courses, meditations, and more included in your membership when we are ready to release it.

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This app is next level with ever evolving features.  Our content is beautifully displayed and easily searchable.  Look around, and you will see we put time into quality.

Weekly Group Zoom CTT Session

Join our weekly zoom sessions where we practice CTT, a unique spin on an entire group focusing our intent on influencing outcomes including boosting all of our personal portfolios. 

Be FIRST to get content.

As a member, you will be first to get access to our content.  Occasionally, we release old content publicly to make people aware of us online. But YOU will get it first!

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With our built in audio player, you can listen to our content while you are doing other things - no need for premium upsells from other platforms! ::Cough:: YouTube ::Cough::